Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Drink Up

Because the Economist always prints vitally important information, did you guys know that Hungary ranks #3 in the world regarding alcohol consumption per person? Yep, third only to Luxembourg (what?) and Ireland (obviously), Hungarians drink just shy of 14 liters of alcohol a year. Americans, in comparison, drink a mere 8.6 liters, just after Australia.

Honestly though, what I find most interesting about this is how from experience Hungarians enjoy their hard spirits more'n the Irish do. So if we were doing a survey of how much alcohol is consumed overall I'd hate to know where we'd end up...

(By the way, the Internet stopped working in my room which explains why there are no pictures of late, but hopefully this will be remedied tomorrow. Also, as I am leaving next Monday, if you want something from New Zealand and I am going to run into you in the next few months now is the time to leave a comment/ email me/ whatever!)


Anonymous said...

Bring me things! I will pay you back for copious amounts of Tim-Tams as well as an All Blacks jersey if you can find a not-terribly-expensive one. :) I can't believe you're coming back so soon... it does not seem like it's been four months already. Have you found a place to stay yet?