Friday, August 31, 2007

Announcing My New Column!

Hey everyone! Today was the first publication of my new column for The Observer, which is the CWRU student newspaper published weekly. The column is called "Quarked" (my first choice, "Perpendicular Thoughts from a Parallel Universe," was deemed too long), and my intention is to make it a "fun column" with a geek bent rather than one of those pretentious political ones or what have you. I will also say right now that it will be more a biweekly column than a weekly one, because I am a physics major who does too much.

But anyway, hooray I'm a columnist now! I always thought it would be a fun job to have but not one I was willing to work my way up to (in newspapers, columnist jobs are cushy ones given to the best senior journalists as a reward for their prior grueling work), but I sort of bypassed all that thankfully enough. In fact, I was just planning on doing a guest column this week, but was asked Tuesday to consider doing a regular one, and that's how these things go.

Man oh man, so now I have to write something on a regular basis with deadlines and stuff! Hmmm we'll see how this goes... Also feel free to let me know if anything interesting has caught your eye as of late, because I will now forever be searching for new material.


DancingBear said...

Congratulations, Yvette!

(By the way, while it's true that not all children can be above average, as in Lake Wobegon, it's not true either that as many as 50% will always be under it... all it takes is a dedicated underachiever to lift many into above-averageness.)

Yvette said...

Yeah, this has been pointed out to me more than once. :-) In my defense, however, the original concept for that part of the column came from a passing comment in the Feynman lectures where Feynman said essentially the same thing, so if he's allowed such a flight of literary fancy so am I!