Saturday, December 1, 2007

How Fast Are You Moving When Standing Still?

First of the month, that means it's science article publishing day! The article this month that I wrote for JYI addresses the simple question of how fast you are moving when you're standing still- because the Earth is spinning, we're orbiting the Sun, which is orbiting the galactic center... you get the idea. I'm rather proud of this one because I could calculate all the numbers and speeds out easily on my own up until the very end, and it's always satisfying when you can (gasp!) apply what you learn in class to something else.

(And for those too lazy to read the article but still want to know the answer, you're essentially traveling the distance from New York City to Los Angeles every five seconds. Neat isn't it?)


lugapita said...

you are oh so COOL!!!!
I loved it!