Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Been busy around here. Among other things, I need to figure out what exactly I want to take next semester as far as what I already need to take, with a projected graduation date of December 2008. So I've been poking through the course catalog a bit, and in short things fall into two distinct lists-

The "I Must Take This Or Will Not Graduate" Requirements:

~ E&M I (3 credits)
~ Quantum 2 (3 credits)
~ Senior Project (3 credits)

Pretty self-explanatory.

The "Don't Need To Take This But It Would Be Silly Not To" Courses:

~ Camerata, aka String Orchestra (1 credit)
~ GRE Seminar (3 credits)

The GRE one's kind of funny if you don't know how the physics department at CWRU works and how important the Physics GRE can be when applying to American graduate schools. It's listed just under "seminar" for the simple reason that the College of Arts and Sciences won't let us list it as a "study for the GRE subject test" class because none of the other departments offer such a course. So we just fly under the radar and don't tell them, and everyone's happy.

So in the world of trying to be a slacker, 13 is enough credits to be a full-time student and move on with things. But there's only one problem: while I may not be the best student I am not a slacker, and my history minor is calling my attention because I enjoy it and it requires such minimal work on my part. So I've winnowed down the course catalog to the interesting stuff/ interesting profs/ good times but don't know if I can do it much further; if anyone's got an opinion here let me know.

The "Yvette Wants To Take a History Class But Can't Pick" List-

~HSTY110: Roman Civilization- I was a Latin scholar in high school. I still like Romans. Veritas!
~HSTY135: Intro to Modern African History- I like history from odd places, but my main reason for considering this one is the professor who's teaching it. He's a really entertaining guy who I had once already and keeps sending me messages to consider signing up for whatever class he's offering, but also happens to be head of the history department so he only does one class a year. He tends to favor the spring, so I'm suspecting I've reached the "now or never" stage of things.
~HSTY202: Science in Western Thought- Essentially this one's a history of science course. I like the idea of taking one of these but honestly read so much that I suspect I might already know a lot of what goes on in a basic introductory course which would be boring/ a waste.
~HSTY210: Byzantine World 300-1453- This is a period of time I don't know much about, yet an awful lot happens. I mean you have the fall of the Roman Empire, the rise of Islam, and the great city of Constantinople and its fall to the Turks... I suppose there's something about this corner of history that seems very exotic to me. Must be the Mediterranean air.

There are many times when I have wished I had several lifetimes to have a chance to study everything I want to, and pouring through the course catalog is one of them. Hmmm...