Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Weirdest Comet EVER

Gorgeous, just gorgeous-
The image shows Comet Holmes, which I talked about earlier and is now larger than Jupiter in size. Wow! It's gotta be the oddest comet anyone's ever laid eyes on, and while no one's entirely certain what's going on it's speculated that there was some ice vents that exploded... or something. In short, no one knows. It's wonderfully exciting.

The comet, by the way, is still a treat in a telescope and is visible in the night sky as a visible disk, as opposed to a star like before. We looked at it Friday night from here in Cleveland- and it's surprisingly easy to spot just because in that general area of the sky it's easy to note that one of the stars is fuzzy and just doesn't look "right." Here is a sky map for all interested parties...

And on a completely random note, I really like the phrase "sky map." There's a romantic ring to it and reminds me of one of my other favorite astronomical terms, csillag mező (the Hungarian term for "star field"). The reason I like it so much is because "mező" is the word you use for "meadow" rather than "field" in Hungarian, so this word always evokes an image in my mind of a small forest clearing where there are stars growing like wildflowers.

But anyway, enough of me playing around with nuances of language. Go see the comet!!!