Sunday, June 1, 2008

Go Cubs Go!

When it was decided that our first stop on our roadtrip was going to be Chicago, Patrick immediately suggested we attend a game at Wrigley Field. For the non-baseball people out there, Wrigley Field is home of the Chicago Cubs and was first opened in 1914. So we went to the Sunday afternoon game against the Colorado Rockies, and I'm honestly glad we did because it was a cool place.
This was the view from our nosebleed seats, which I actually enjoyed a lot because you could see the whole park. Unlike in Pittsburgh, where the poor Pirates really aren't good enough to have people pay much attention, the venue was sold out and filled with rabid Cubs fans. It was great. The fact that the Cubs won 5-3 didn't hurt either.

Here's another view of the field, from a sunnier spot since it was actually a little chilly at times in the shade-
Really, a great field. I got a total kick out of the scoreboard too-
Now the reason I liked the scoreboard so much, see, is because it's obviously an old-fashioned one, and this means someone physically has to change the numbers to update the standings. This means there's a guy who lives in the scoreboard during the game, looking out through a little window at the action, and updates as needed.

So I suppose it's not as much the scoreboard I like as much as the guy who lives inside the scoreboard. He fascinates me. If were a huge Cubs fan I am certain it would be my life's goal to have his job.
As a last shot, this is my favorite thing about the venue, though it's not part of the stadium itself- the rooftop seating! Wrigley Field is so small and old that the surrounding houses can see in, meaning the local establishments put in more bleachers. They're so neat. Next time I am in town and want to go to a game I definitely want a spot across the street.

Ok, that's it for now because it is late and tomorrow we must continue driving across the rest of Wisconsin, all of Minnesota, and most of South Dakota to boot (the middle's boring). Cheers!


Pestilence said...

Great post on your trip to Wrigley. I was at the game too and took a detour to stand in the 'sunspot' up against the fence. (I take it from the photo that is where you snapped the second shot.)

Anyhow, just wanted to let you know about the Wrigley Rooftop Directory on my site since you're interested in going for a game on the Cubs rooftops.