Thursday, September 20, 2007

New Hampshire Primaries Held Last Tuesday

... or at least, that's what the headline should have been. But what is the headline for my column this week instead? "Early, Rapid-Fire Presidential Primary Elections Skew Results." Um, yeah. Can't say I'm a fan, not as much because it's a terrible headline as much as I know a lot of people will start reading the article not realizing it's supposed to be satire, and get confused. Which makes me sad, as I spent a lot of time trying to balance seriousness and humor in this one.

I must say, this isn't the first time my article headlines have ended up meaning something completely different rather than what I intended. (Which is not good. It's September.) I usually don't have my articles run by me as there are only slight changes for clarity, but perhaps I should ask if I could know what headline they run under from here on out.

On the plus side, I have moved up the ranks and am now the number-one ranked column in The Observer! Hooray! Today The Observer, tomorrow The New York Times editorial page... muahahaha, it's all going according to plan...