Friday, September 14, 2007

Steelers vs Browns

My column this week focuses on the infamous Pittsburgh Steelers vs Cleveland Browns rivalry. For those of you who don't live in the country and might not know the first thing about "American football," the Steelers and the Browns have one of the biggest rivalries in the National Football League and thus it can be mildly dangerous at times to be a Steelers fan in Cleveland. There's a lot of question as to why this is, but in short both cities are places where football team pride is not so much about the football as a residency requirement and are just a few hours from each other, so things can get a little heated.

And while I wasn't expecting it, my column was complimented by the editorial cartoon in The Observer week-

The two cartoonists for my friends and fellow physicists Miriam and Wiggles, where Miriam is the illustrator and Wiggles is the writer. This is their first year doing the cartooning, but they do a great job of it... It should also be mentioned that another fellow physicist, Alison, is the News Editor, so between the four of us one can argue that the CWRU newspaper is run by the physics department. You know, part of the secret plan to take over the universe that all physicists diligently follow. (Shhhh!)