Wednesday, March 28, 2007

And All That Jazz

I got a haircut today, and quickly discovered that you are not allowed to get a haircut and mention it to people without actually showing them pictures. So here are the best I can take of myself on short notice-

Side view-Not the best of picture-taking, but it's a bit Catherine Zeta-Jonesish from Chicago if I may say so. That and you can't tell it but the lighter streaks in the side view are actually, well, blonde thanks to the plentiful sunshine. So here's a question for the floor- if you're both a blonde and a burnette, what kind of jokes do you tell?

And as long as I'm posting pictures, here's one of the awesome giant (250 g) chocolate bar I got today to celebrate my good marks on the last E&M assignment-
Cadbury has one of its main international factories in New Zealand on the South Island, meaning there is a lot of good, awesome chocolate to be had. This particular bar was purchased at the corner convenience store where it was on a shelf with, count 'em, twelve other kinds of chocolate bar, such as fruit and nuts, black forest, caramel, hokey pokey, and even the fudge brownie pictured above (though, fascinatingly, there is no actual milk chocolate bar). Trust me, words do not do justice to the wonderful sight of this store shelf and the delightful choice of selecting one of these chocolate bars for your very own, so my camera and I will likely have to go take a picture so you can fully appreciate the situation.

After a sampling, by the way, I will note that the fudge brownie chocolate bar is really good. It's one of those types that my parents would find too sweet but I, having an American childhood consisting of a lot of unadulterated sugar, rather enjoy. Luckily there are a lot of chocolate bars to choose from, however, so I could always slip them a mixed berry flavored bar or something and we'd get along fine.


cvj said...

Hey, Nice haircut! Nice Chocolate. I'm partial to bars with almonds myself. I can't recall if it is Cadbury's or Green and Blacks that make an excellent dark chocolate + almonds bar.... Lovely.


Linda said...

I wasn't aware there were brunette jokes. My favorite is the caramel one or macadamia. But they're all too good.

Jackie M. said...

Well, congratulations Yvette: I'm pretty sure that image just overwrote my brain such that all the older images of you in my memory now include that particular hair cut.