Friday, March 30, 2007


I saw the above in a market stall yesterday and couldn't resist purchasing it. Who doesn't like chocolate fish? Obviously you guys do, else you wouldn't be reading this!

Perhaps it's just the student preference for them speaking, but badges (what we call "buttons" back home) are definetely more popular here than in the States. They're relatively inexpensive too which probably helps... needless to say, a few other new ones have crept onto my bag as of late. Another favorite-

Because every physics geek needs to proclaim it on her bag, right? Of course you do!

By the way I'm sort of a cop-out on this issue and don't get many badges with controversial statements like some; quite frankly I know the number of people who are going to stand around painfully reading the tiny text anyway so it seems silly. Here's the closest I've come to getting political-

Hey, it was fun to see the reaction of the neo-hippie I talked to last weekend upon reading it! I'd already laughed in his face when he told me he supported "voluntary slavery" and Hugo Chavez, though, so not like we were going to be friends anyway...

Ok, I could keep doing this for a long time and papers don't write themselves, so we'll end the words here. Here's one last badge for the road though-