Monday, March 12, 2007

Video (Not) Fixed

For those of you who already watched it, do yourselves a favor and reload the video at the beginning of the post below. For whatever reason YouTube only showed the first four seconds of a 20-something second sequence, and last night it was too late for me to change it.

(By the way, if the below doesn't work, take a look at And if that doesn't work, God does not want this video on the Internet so I'm going to stop playing around with it.)

It works great on Google Video though. Isn't it funny how they're both owned by the same company but only the one of them works?


Ross said...

Um... you're right. Apparently God does not, in fact, want that video on the Internet. I just checked it at 12:45 am EDT on March 13 and it's back to 1 second in length. Yeah, I know it worked earlier. It seems to be broken now, again.

Linda said...

Yeah I don't get much more than a few seconds either.