Wednesday, February 28, 2007

JYI: OSETI article

As some of you guys and gals may recall, I have a job of sorts as a science journalist for an undergraduate publication known as The Journal for Young Investigators (JYI). My job is to write a feature article a month for them, usually on a physics topic since everyone else there is a biologist, and it's quite a fun excuse to cover that sort of material.

Before I went off to New Zealand, I filed a few stories for my editor so I could keep doing the "one a month" rule without having to work very hard at it. The first of these articles came out today and guess what, it's the main story at JYI this month! Hooray!

The story itself is dubbed Searching for Extraterrestrials: An Undergraduate's Tale, and deals with my misadventures this past semester working for OSETI. (Yes, I had a job where I was paid to look for aliens. Yes, it was fun. No, we did not find anything, or at least nothing the Syndicate will let me tell you about...) There are a lot of details over at said article so I won't repeat much of it here, beyond mentioning that it was really fun to try and describe Corbin in only a few sentences.


Karen said...

I loved the article, Yvette! Your description of Corbin made me smile, as did the sentence about "how the most sensitive OSETI survey was left solely in the hands of an idealistic undergraduate." Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the article, Yvette! I've also had a chuckle at your culture shock in moving to a more English country. You can perhaps appreciate the shock to a Canadian (of English birth) in coming to the USA?

Best wishes,

Alan, KI8JV