Friday, February 23, 2007


You know what really sucks? Food poisoning. I highly recommend not getting it, just as much as I highly recommend not eating at the Chinese place at the University of Auckland food court.

Luckily, my mom in the paranoid wisdom of mothers everywhere sent me accross the ocean with a venerable pharmacy, so my fever and such broke a few hours ago. I can't remember the last time I had one, honestly, but it's not something I want to repeat anytime soon...

New Zealand trivia of the day: you know how in the United States the immediate reaction of someone would be to sue the Chinese food place? Hereabouts, you get free medical treatment so long as you explain that your malady was an accident (they didn't mean to give you food poisoning, and you didn't mean to get it), hence you get rid of your right to sue for damages. It's a rather nifty little bit of legality I think- can you imagine how much money we'd save as a whole in the States if we had a similar rule? I don't really mean to start a health care debate or anything, it's just food for thought.


John Campbell said...

I absolutely love the brilliant last sentence. "It's just food for thought." Wonderful. Sorry to hear you are sick by the way. Get better soon Yvette. Kiwis beckon! :p