Monday, February 19, 2007

O Week and Address

So it's O Week right now, meaning orientation week. All the people from the residence hall showed up a few days ago and most people who live here are first years, so I basically get to do orientation again. It's kind of amusing because every place kindly reminds people not to be stupid in similar ways except there's always a twist: hereabouts, for example, we were advised to not pee in someone's garden on the way home from partying because people see their gardens as extensions of themselves and subsequently get quite upset. Brilliant idea, mate!

The other interesting thing, by the way, is that freshmen appear to be exactly the same the world over. You know how you can always spot them from a mile away at the beginning of the semester? The same applies here, as they always seem to have a tendency to travel in large packs and bear an air of overemphasized confidence. Move-in day looks the same everywhere too: the frosh are always nervous but trying their best to not show it, and the parents are always torn between helping their child one last time and letting the child direct the flow of things. I suppose it's interesting how the things we always think are unique to our own personal plights are in fact shared the world over, isn't it?

Anyway, the reason I originally started writing this was to inform you people that I have an address now. It's a very pretty one containing numbers, a street, and the word "Auckland" in it, so if you want to know what said address is then drop me a line via email and I'll send it to you. In a not-so-subtle move I will also note that I am collecting postcards for my room decor here as well but the collection is not so spectacular yet, and I guarantee wherever you live has now been deemed "far far away" because everything's far away from here...

On the topic of postcards, I would also like to note that I am more than happy to send people cards (even if you don't want to send me one), and I already have quite a long list of people I'll be sending cards to. However, there is a direct correlation between you getting a postcard and me having your address, so if you want one don't be shy and let me know yours via email.

Alright, that's it for now. Perhaps later on today if I get ambitious I'll start posting some of the pictures I've been furiously taking.


Anonymous said...

freshmen are stupid and pointless. be sure to pee on them when u come back partying.
sounds like things will be picking up. i hope ur meeting really interesting and fun people. my philosophy on orientation is that you should never be in your room or alone, although im sure an introverted person like you will have trouble with that. have a good time in the summer. its like 50 and sunny in winston-salem. also, holla a postcard at me.


Anonymous said...

freshmen are stupid and pointless. be sure to pee on them when u come back partying.

That is why people refer to them as "peons". Good luck, though; I hope that you have a wonderful time down there!