Saturday, April 21, 2007

How to Paint the Sky

Beautiful, isn't it? Unfortunately we didn't have great weather on all the evenings, some nights it was overcast or even raining a bit, but when it was a little better the sunsets were fantastic!

Click to get the larger image on the above, as it looks a lot better that way... none of these images actually does justice to the real thing, of course, as photographs are poor substitutes for seeing the actual sunsets themselves. But let me tell you that the above was was a very deep, very vivid shade of hot pink that I've never seen before in the sky, and was just wonderful.

Ok, that's it for sunset pictures before someone gets really jealous and comes to New Zealand to exact revenge.


Diana said...

gorgeous sunsets :)
paint it in red, blue, orange, fluffy white clouds and all the colors of the rainbow after every storm.