Thursday, April 5, 2007

Visitors and Comments

This blog has recieved a spike of visitors as of late for various reasons, and in fact passed the milestone of getting over 100 hits during a day last Monday. Quite exciting! Unfortunately the downside to all this is one or two spammers did post comments, so I enabled word verification so those problems won't crop up as often. It shouldn't be a problem, but let me know if it is.

Second, the more astute people will notice that there is now a counter below the links on the right hand side, which shows you how many hits this blog has recieved in the past month since I set up some stuff to do the counting. I don't know how long it will stick around because in my opinion these counters usually mean very little to anyone but the person who actually manages the site, but I figured I'd post it for a little while in the offhand chance someone beyond me is interested.

The statistical software is admittedly very interesting though. I've learned that if you really have something to say you should do it on a Monday because that's when the most people come to read your blog (the rest of the week the number of hits steadily diminishes), and this blog has recieved a surprisingly high number of hits from important research institutions where I'm fairly certain I don't know anyone. So hello and welcome, people I have never met! Please feel free to delurk sometime and add your two cents, either by posting a comment or dropping me a line. I promise I really am a nice enough person, except for all the times I'm not.

As a final note, the Easter break trip detailed earlier begins tomorrow, so while I'll try my best to update a few times it will definetely not be as frequent. Don't get into too much trouble while I'm gone, and I promise I'll try to post on the Mondays to help you get through them!