Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Crazy Times Down on Costello Music

Got rather quiet here, I know... apparently if you run away for two weeks, the work still catches up with you. So that's what I have been/ still am doing... no worries though, everything will get turned in tomorrow and I'm free again! Hooray!

I will admit though, this all would have been finished a lot quicker except for the fact that I discovered a new band to listen to- ever hear of The Fratellis? They started out in Britain not too long ago and are rather popular over here as an extension- lots of playtime on the radio, and they even got an iPod commercial. Not bad! They're not that big in the US yet from what I hear, you can't even buy the whole CD on iTunes yet, but with luck that will pick up soon.

The reason I like them so much by the way, and don't mind the few extra hours it's taken to complete my work, is because they are the first band I've heard in a long while that reminds me of The Beatles. This excites me. Here's my favorite music video if you want to check them out-

(Completely unrelated note- if a guy ever set up a band and started singing under my window, he'd get a date on the spot. It seems like the least one can do to repay the gesture! Of course none of the guys I know would ever think of ever seranading, or writing a poem, or sending roses or anything like that, so I am perfectly safe admitting to this sentiment.)

Though their most famous song (the iPod commercial one) is Flathead, which has topped the charts despite being downloads-only. Their third single, Chelsea Dagger, is pretty good too, and the rest of their songs have great names like Vince the Lovable Stoner and Ole Black 'N Blue Eyes.

Anyway, I'm buying my first CD in about a year this weekend once everything gets finished. You should consider doing the same... it'll give you something to do until I finally turn everything in and post my South Island pictures...


Wiggles said...

You might want to check out the band Hot Hot Heat. They have a similar sound and are awesomesaucical

Anonymous said...

I found The Fratellis on the network, actually, so that was super-exciting. :)

Also, check out The Deadly Deaths. I've been slowly but surely collecting free downloads of their music, and it is all awesome. I may break down and actually buy the album sometime when the exchange rate is good.