Thursday, May 17, 2007

Departure Date Set! June 18th

The word on the front is that US Airways has finally decided to be nice and let me change my ticket, so I shall be leaving New Zealand on June 18th. For those of you who didn't know, my current ticket was set for July 8 but my last final is June 16th so I wanted to get home and visit family etc before labwork this summer... only problem with this plan is US Airways refused to change a frequent flier ticket on a forgien carrier or some such, which we hadn't been told was a factor when we got it. It basically took my dad several calls in the past week to finally talk to someone who wasn't aware of this rule, who changed the ticket, and then another long wait at the airport ticket counter while the agent discuseed the non-kosherness of this despite the long line behind my dad. (But he stuck with his guns, and fixed it. Thanks, Dad!)

So my new ticket will arrive along with my family on Saturday. This is good for a few reasons: I now have means to get back, I now have a means to visit Australia should I so desire and still be let back in, and my visa is a lot more happy for various reasons. Hooray! So for those interested in what I'll be doing from here on out here's a tenative schedule... beyond the hecticness of family coming/going...

June 1- Last Day of Classes
June 9- Geophysics Final (60% of grade)
June 11- Electromagnetism Final (70% of grade, or 100% if better than prior average)
June 16- History Final (50% of grade, or 100% if better than prior averave)
June 18-19- Homeward Bound! I'll be in Pittsburgh a few days for those who will also be there...
June 22/23- Family reunion in New Hampshire (which is convenient because then I know I've told everyone all my New Zelaand stories in one go)
July 16 or July 23 (undecided)- begin lab work for HEA Group in Cleveland, where I'll be working on my senior project. This date is undecided for a few reasons, right now the major one being I have no place to live. (So if you know of a sublet that's still open... or how to get Case Housing to answer my damn emails...)
August 27- Fall 2007 semester begins. Sometime before this date massive amounts of GRE-studying will be done.

That's about as packed as I could make things without being in two places at once... so yeah, I'm leaving in a month! Ahhhhh! Haven't seen or done everything I've wanted to, and I need to take my finals that count for the majority of the grade between now and then! If you don't see this updated much between now and then, you know why.

By the way, any opinions as to what I should do with this blog once I'm back at home? I don't really want to become really pretentious like a lot of bloggers seem to, but it's kind of nice for quick thoughts that aren't worth making it into my webzine. If you've an opinion let it be known, otherwise I'm liable to assume people aren't that interested so I will have added incentive to make it fade into the sunset... just something to think about.