Tuesday, May 1, 2007

South Island Picture Time- Part II (Nelson-Greymouth)

Sort of covered by the first part of this post earlier... basically it's the road from Nelson to Greymouth, which is supposed to be one of the top 10 drives in the world.
This is the view from where we stopped for lunchtime, which is a pretty typical mountain view in this area... note that the mountains here aren't that impressive yet by New Zealand standards, in all honesty, as they become much more spectacular further south!
Another pretty-yet-typical view of the area. Yes, those are palm trees you see there- New Zealand has the furthest south palm trees in the entire world...
Everyone together- one, two three, awwwww! This was from the seal colony we stopped at on the West Coast, and the little pup on the left was trying to get the older seal's attention. The older one just lay there like a log, so the pup decided to clamber over the rocks and be a general annoyance instead.
I stopped for a moment at the Seal Colony to regain my bearings. According to this signpost, where virtually everything was suspiciously pointing in the same direction, it was 12,749 km to New York City, 16,286 km to London, 1,719 km to Sydney, 9,717 km to Capetown, and 534 km to Auckland. Translation: everything is really, really, really far away when you're in New Zealand!
A typical view on the West Coast once we started following the coastline. I'm told this drive is very similar to the Great Ocean Road in Australia, except a lot less people do it. I've never done the Great Ocean Road, though, so someone else will need to confirm that for me...
A view of the world-famous Pancake Rocks, which are layers of shale stacked up on the side of the ocean. For the record, these formations are two to three stories high!
Another view of Pancake Rocks, this one including the surrounding mountains. Nifty stuff.